Customized, Whole House Comfort

If you have a bedroom that’s too hot, a family room that’s too cool, and playroom that is always one or the other, a customized zoning system is the answer for you. When it comes to heating and cooling your home, zoning systems offer the highest level of comfort and control year round.

  • Zoning systems control the temperature in your home by creating separate zones to maximize comfort and system efficiency.
  • In each area of your home, your zone becomes your comfort zone.
  • Heating and cooling are individually controlled by zone, resulting in enhanced temperature control and economical system performance.

At Mullen, we offer Carrier’s world famous zone heating and cooling. With a Carrier zoning system, you can maximize your family’s comfort, year round.

Zoning Saves Energy

Like many home improvements, installing a Zoning System is an investment in future energy savings. Gaining individualized heating and cooling control, zone by zone, means you can heat and cool only the rooms desired, conserving energy (and energy costs) throughout the year.

The savings is substantial. A properly installed zoning system using programmable thermostats can achieve energy savings of 30% to 40%, ranking zoning among the most reliable forms of achieving both increased comfort and significant savings in a single home improvement investment.

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