Energy Waste Costs You Money

Wasted energy is an expense that’s stealing from your bottom line every day. The key to savings is knowing not just how much energy is consumed, but when, where, and what type.

Energy management means directing your energy dollars where and when they will do the most good.

  • Are you heating or cooling an area when it is not in use?
  • Does your whole building have to be at the same temperature all the time?
  • Are your heating and cooling controls a blunt instrument without the ability to fine tune?

At Mullen, our expertly trained technicians can evaluate your situation and offer real solutions, including zoning systems and energy information displays that put you back in control of your energy budget.

Energy Management is Here to Stay

Energy management is the future, and at Mullen, we’ve been at the forefront of heating and cooling for over 50 years.

Our technicians are constantly renewing their training, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends, and learning how to offer you, our customer, the best fit in heating and cooling solutions for your situation.

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