The Reliability and Comfort You Demand

While everyone else is bombarding you with bargain basement deals, we have just one question. Isn’t your water heater supposed to make your life better?

From laundry and showers to luxurious baths, you rely on your water heater to keep you comfortable and save on ever rising energy costs.

A penny saved today on a sub-standard hot water heater is tomorrow’s dollar of aggravation in service calls, a flooded basement, sediment filled water, and water hammering noises. Worse, where’s the hot water that many units promise and then fail to deliver?

At Mullen, we’ve been serving the communities of Westmoreland County, including Latrobe and Greensburg for over 50 years.

Tankless Water Heaters

What is a tankless water heater? Exactly as it sounds, these water heaters have no storage tank where water is kept at a constant temperature 24/7. (Even on the most efficient units, keeping 40 to 80 gallons of water hot all day long is a drain on energy.)

With a tankless water heater, cold water travels on demand through a pipe where either an electric element or a gas burner heats the water almost instantly. As a result, your tankless water heater delivers a constant hot water supply without the waiting!

Tankless water heaters are an investment in long life, dependability, energy cost savings, and the unquestioned comfort and reliability they provide for you and your family every day.

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